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This page is meant to enable you to search for all products on Odaah marketplace, and as well see their prices. One, you can use the search tool below, by simply entering the name of the product you are looking for, and wait for search suggestions to appear and then select the product suggestion that you are looking for, then click the search icon in order to search for the product. Note: if you enter the product name and the search suggestions do not appear, probably the product name you entered is wrong, or product you want is not available in the data base. However, the best tool you may use here is the "Select Category tool" which is an option that will display a variety of products for you to select from. By clicking on that green button, you will see product categories, and by clicking on these, you will see subcategories where what you are looking for may probably fall under. When you click on a subcategory, you will go straight and see all the products under it.

Note: if you are a retailer and you are looking for wholesale products and their prices, you will have to look for categories with the word (wholesale) in brackets and then select from its subcategories to go to what you want. Changes in products prices are updated every day.

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Fresh foods

Yams (heap, medium size)

Matooke bunch (kibuzi type)

Irish Potatoes (small bag)

Irish Potatoes (small basin)
UGX: 10000

Irish Potatoes (small bucket)
UGX: 5000

Small yellow Banana (Ndizi)
UGX:2000 each

Long yellow Banana (bogoya)
UGX:3000 each

Matooke bunch (small size)
UGX: 10000

Matooke bunch (small size)
UGX: 15000

Matooke bunch (big size)
UGX: 30000

Matooke bunch (medium size)

Fresh Cow peas (Cup)
UGX: 4000

Ginger (small heap)
UGX: 1000

Ginger (1kg)
UGX: 3000

French beans (heap)
UGX: 2000

Sweet Potatoe (heap, big)

Cassava (heap, big size)
UGX:6000 per heap

UGX: 3000

Recommended products

Papaya skin cream
UGX: 10,000
Cyan dress
UGX: 50,000
Audio Beats
UGX: 60,000
UGX: 35,000
UGX: 800,000
Mocasin Shoes
UGX: 70,000
UGX: 45,000
Men Suit
UGX: 400,000
Hair Moisturiser
UGX: 30,000
Studio 6
UGX: 1,200,000
UGX: 65,000
Motor Bike
UGX: 18,000,000
Note Books
UGX: 20,000
Hand wash basin
UGX: 500,000
212 VIP Rose
UGX: 250,000
Lutian Engine head
UGX: 1000,000

Recommended Sellers

Land connect survey solns
Kira Estate Dealers
VLM Car Traders Kampala
Abayita General Traders
Abayita Property Agency
Entebbe Used Properties
Nkoba Agro Input
Senana Hardware Ltd