How it works

Odaah is an online marketplace that was created to connect buyers and sellers of products and services.

As a buyer or consumer, Odaah gives you an opportunity to meet all your desired products and services on a single platform, including new or unique products or services that you may need to discover on the market, all brought to you on a one stop center. As a buyer, you are also able to visit seller online shops to specifically see their offers available for sell, including service descriptions and prices, product prices and overall products’ information such as brand, manufacturer, description, size, color, etc. So, buyers are able to know all products and services on market and know any changes in their prices.

As a seller, Odaah gives you an opportunity to first of all create an online shop or office for your business, to serve as another sales channel in addition to your physical shop or office. Since we are living in a digital era, it is completely necessary for any serious business to have an online presence, in order to conveniently serve it's new and old customers who spend thousands of hours in the online environment. Also due to purposes of convenience, many customers are now welcoming the tradition of buying goods and services online because of the high level of efficiency offered in online systems and level of convenience achieved. If you are a seller of new, unique or advanced products or services on the market, then you don’t have to wait to promote your offers online because customers are out their and may want to buy from you.

Some sellers are already established on platforms such as facebook, twitter, Instagram, and whatsup, which is so good. However, they now need to create their online shop on Odaah in order to redirect the customers targeted on such platforms onto their online shop and have them capture an experience similar to visiting their physical shop, that is in terms of surveying their products, services and relevant information. All you need to include in your facebook, whatsup or Instagram posts is a link to your online shop directing them to it. Therefore, Odaah seamlessly complements your marketing activities on other platforms by giving your customers a clear virtual perception of your business and brand.

Odaah further has got communities of sellers, which are sections on the platform which arrange sellers based on their geographic locations, communities or market centers and related goods and services. These communities are meant to help buyers choose communities where they may expect and can check their desired sellers of their desired products or services and get in touch with them.

How to get your shop on Odaah

Getting your shop on Odaah is easy. All you need to do is to order for a seller account/shop. When this account is given to you, you now need to provide your business logo, attractive business cover photo, business name, value proposition (motto), and a collection of your products photos and relevant products information. Then you need to pay a seller fee ranging from Ug shs. 25,000 ($6 USD) which is supposed to be paid annually. Next your business will be able to benefits from the odaah market share of customers. However, you may as well need to have an online marketing campaign in place, meant to push or market your online shop towards online consumers and simply widen your online market network or market base on various popular social media platforms or websites, and have your business a wider market share. This market share of consumers is what should later be converted into sales for your business.


We do not offer shipping and delivery services on behalf of sellers at Odaah for now. Sellers may contact us to advise them on how to build a delivery service system for their customers who purchase their products.