Return Policy

The return policy on odaah refers to the policy considered by any seller on the network to accept the return of rejected goods by a buyer after a transaction has been settled, but in a situation where purchased goods did not meet the buyer's expectations. Buyer satisfaction is one of the priorities strongly emphasized on odaah. And the return policy is one of the measures put in place to take good care of this, among other measures such as rich product information, effective communication between buyers and sellers and product comments and recommendation from other consumers. On odaah, we do not have a general return policy to be followed by all sellers, this is because different kinds of businesses operating on the network may have different challenges with the return of rejected goods by buyers and hence may conform to different return policies that may be considerable for their kinds of businesses. However, odaah emphasizes that each products seller on the network has a return policy drafted by them, and displayed on their business page, purposely to inform the buyer about their provided return policy for goods in case of rejection after purchasing so that they can have faith in their transaction with the seller or find possible alternatives in case of low confidence in their return policy for goods in cases of rejection. Every seller provides their return policy for sold goods, so consumers should ensure to check it out on the "About" page of the seller's business account to know if they are comfortable with the seller's policy for rejected goods or not really, as one of the key steps before placing an order.