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Thank you for your concern to donate to Odaah. We believe that your courage to share your support towards the growth of Odaah services is a good choice you have made, especially to support the promotion of the Ugandan ordinary business community into the online environment. Odaah as an initiative was originally created with its mission as to improve the economic livelihoods of people in Uganda, by providing an online platform that offers a free opportunity to entreprenuers to first of all establish their businesses online, by creating low cost ecommerce stores for their products businesses and low cost online offices for their service businesses in order to effectively market their business offers to online consumers, and carry out business transactions with buyers freely in a seamless online business environment. The platform further gives sellers an opportunity to post goods, post free ads, records sales, access market information, and interact socially with buyers and other groups on the network. Issues such as business geographic isolation, high rent costs in market centers, low access to buyers, low sales due to limited working hours or business availability to buyers, low business marketing practices, and so many other issues are saved from burdening sellers through ecommerce and online marketing services provided at Odaah. Fortunately, a relative percentage of Ugandans (especially around towns) have got smartphones or at least can afford to access one. This is what prompted us at Odaah to wage means of converting their smartphone devices into channels for upgrading their business operation activities and accessibility towards buyers, hence startegically improving their economic livelihoods and inspire many people (especially the young adults) to engage into doing business and develop their enterpreneurial mindsets.

By supporting us through your donation, you are directly partnering with us in our campaign to improve the odaah community ecommerce marketplace, and your support will always be appreciated. You are kindly requested to send in your donation through our mobile wallets of mobile money numbers, +256-707401209 (Airtel money) or +256-785150198 (MTN mobile money) respectively.
Account number is 1000102539652
We gladly welcome your support and your generosity is highly appreciated.