Key steps to consider before placing an order on odaah

What are the few important things to consider before placing an order for purchasing goods from any seller on odaah?

As a buyer on odaah, there are seven important steps or things that may need to consider before driving your decision to purchase a product on the network. These steps are very precise but most importantly quite fundamental to be certain about during your purchasing activities.

1. Quantity of goods available in stock

Every time that a buyer selects and purchases goods from a seller, the purchased goods are deducted from the seller's online store as physically may proceed in the physical store. However, the photo of the purchased item will stay in the catalogue to represent the item in cases when goods are still available in stock or when out of stock, not until the seller may choose to hide or completely delete the product away from the catalogue. When goods are out of stock and the product is still represented by its photo within the catalogue, the buyer will be alerted that the good is currently out of stock, but can still continue to place their order in case they are sure that the seller will deliver anyway. With all these possibilities, a buyer is urged to check the products availability before adding it to cart, by hovering the cursor or finger on the product (photo) to have the quantity available displayed and see if their desire may be catered for in the provided product quantity.

2. Product information

Product information about its size, material, color, ingredients, usability prescription, maintenance prescription, price negotiability, and so forth, is provided for each product added on odaah by the seller. This is done to allow a buyer to gain early satisfaction about a product, based on its information before purchasing. This is further supplemented with a link to the product manufacturer provided in the same order, which allows a buyer to connect to the origins of the product in case they need to find out any more information about the product from its manufacturer. All this information is got in the product showcase, which is got to by clicking on the product photo in the catalogue.

3. Product comments and recommendations from other consumers

Comments can be got to by clicking on the product or the 'comment' link found below it. These definitely would help the buyer to make their buying decision based what other consumers genuinely think about the product.

4. Seller physical location

Given the fact that odaah is a network that brings all buyers and sellers of goods and services in one market place, it may not mean that all sellers are closely reachable physically. A buyer should necessarily be concerned about the physical location of a seller to know if it is easily accessible to them in order to easily access their purchased goods or services.

5. Seller availability at the physical location

While the level of interaction provided on odaah allows communication and interaction between a buyer and a seller 24 hours a day 7 days a week, the case can be slightly different with physical interaction among the two parties, since sellers may have a specific time that they open and close their physical shops, which may limit the time a buyer can physically interact with them. For this case, as a policy on odaah, every seller provides information about their availability at their physical premises in a daily, weekly and hourly basis. This information is displayed on the 'About' page of the seller business account, and may be helpful to the buyer to know the extensiveness of the time they can physically interact with a seller at their business premise before they choose to order for goods from them online.

6. Return policy for rejected goods

Every seller running a products selling business on odaah is required to provide a return policy for goods that they consider in case of rejection of already purchased goods by a buyer who may wish to return them to the seller for a product exchange or refund. The seller return policy for rejected goods is found on the About page of the sellers account, and should be carefully considered by the buyer as they make up their decision to buy goods from the seller. It is one of the things that disclose trust, comfort, security, and confidence in the middle of making a transaction between a buyer and seller. So buyers should as a point make it one of the motives to lead their buying decisions and dealings with a specific seller. Click for more information about the return policy for rejected goods on the odaah network.

7. Seller Delivery policy

The seller delivery policy is provided on the 'About page' of a products seller and also on the shopping cart as a buyer reaches the final point of placing the order. It indicates the policy established and followed by the seller, which indicates how and to what extent in their geographical region that they may offer seller delivery services to buyers who purchase goods from them and may require for services of shipping and delivering the goods to their location point. Some sellers, especially those with the capacity and strategy may choose to offer seller delivery services, while other with no strategy may not. This is where the seller delivery policy would help to disclose the seller delivery services and strategies in place to support buyers who may simply want their goods to be shipped and delivered to them at their location point. Therefore, as a buyer, while buying goods from a seller and opt for seller delivery as your selected delivery method, take time to notice their seller delivery policy to see if it falls within your demands before placing the order for goods.