How it works

Odaah is specifically a free social community ecommerce marketplace that is designed as a universal marketplace for products, services and consumers. As a seller, by joining the marketplace, you are making it possible for your target buyers to find you easily and also making it possible for these to like and follow your page for your online store or office. As a consumer, by joining Odaah, you bring yourself closer to your desired products and services that are in a wide variety.

In order to join Odaah as a seller, you need to have your business well branded in order to have a market position and identity specifically for your online customers to know whom they are dealing with. This simply means that you need to have a business logo, business name, and a value proposition. Without these requirements, you will not be able to join your business on Odaah.

How your business will attract your target customers

Odaah is a community website, but with factions of communities within the website, which are mainly created based on physical locations or member common interests. This means that your business established on Odaah will be further promoted in an online community for your business location, in order to attract buyers within the same location who would join the community to access sellers closer to them.

By establishing your business on Odaah, you will have created a virtual shop or office where buyers can select their desired products or services from you and order for them online. They will be able to check prices for these and all relevant information in order to make well informed buying decisions before placing their orders.

The website also has interesting features such as;

Home timeline

The Odaah website has a home timeline where users can post information which may include news, buzz, jobs, deals promotions and any other information that one may want to share to the rest of the community. This means that as a user on Odaah, you can catch up with latest news, interesting buzz, stories, and jobs from the business community, deals about properties or goods for sell, and lastly promotions of unique goods available at promotional discounts.

User profile

As a user on Odaah, you have an interesting profile area, which has a timeline where you can post your status updates, have friends and followers to interact with them and share their experience..


Every user on Odaah has got a directory, which is specifically their perfect area where they can add or save important items or information from the network, so that they can save themselves from needing to search for such information whenever they may need it. Items which can be added to the user directory include links to pages of different sellers, communities, events, services, people, and products from various sellers.


As a user on Odaah you can join communities found on the website in order to closely interact with large groups of people within a specific physical location or with common interests. By joining communities, you will be open to meet and make more friends on the network, and also interact with more sellers on the network who fall in a similar location or sell related products and services. Besides this, you can also create or start a free community on the network and invite friends to join and further attract sellers to join your community in order to promote their businesses there. However, you should create your community basing it on your physical location or community. If there are already existing communities based in your location which were created by other users, you can then create your community as driven by a specific purpose on top of falling in a specific physical location. In order for your community to influence people and businesses to join it, it has to support interest of both consumers and sellers.

The process for buying goods on Odaah is quite quick and simple. Below is a representation of steps moved while intending to buy goods on Odaah.

Step 1

Identify the seller or business that you want to buy from. You can do this by going to your top navigation bar, and click on sellers (link), where you will go to a list of pages/sellers available. Above the list, there is a search filter tool, where you can write the name of the seller or shop that you want to filter out from the list. Or you can write a location name + or business category in the filter tool in order to filter out a list of available sellers, based on location and category of the business. For example, you may add Entebbe, bread, bakery inside your filter tool and press search, then choose a seller from your filtered results.

Another quick alternative is to go to communities,through the communities link on the top navigation bar, filter out communities by name or location, and then select a community which you think could accommodate the business you are looking for. A community example can be Entebbe Traders and buyers Community. Inside your selected community, you can go to sellers and checkout the provided list of sellers. In order to make your search quick, you can search by category, by selecting from the given list of categories, e.g Bakery, then choose a seller from the filtered list. The list of categories shown represent only the categories sellers found within the online community. So if the business category that you are looking for is not listed in the provided categories, then you may need to continue your search in another related community if available.

Besides the above alternatives, the other quick option left is for you to go to the search tool on top of your page, enter the seller name or product name and press search. On the search page, you can continue to search by products, pages/sellers, services, and so forth, in order to get to your desired results. By clicking on products, then continue with the search, you will directly go to a list of products that you can select and purchase instantly.

Step 2

Assuming that you have figured out your desired seller from a list of sellers, by clicking on them, you will go directly to their catalogue page, where you will meet a display of listed products for sale. By clicking on each product, you will go to its showcase where you will find more information about it and its available quantity in stock. If the product meets your desire, you can enter the quantity desired and click the Add to cart button in the showcase in order to select it for purchase. After, you can return to the catalogue to survey other products. You dont have to go to every products showcase in order to buy it. Right in the catalogue, simply enter the quantity desired and click Add to cart. You can follow this order to add a list of products you want inside your cart in order to purchase them at once.

Step 3

On the same page (catalogue), there is an automatically created order summary which summarizes the list of products you have added to cart with their costs and quantity selected, and their total cost altogether. You can use this order summary to check if you haven't done a mistake in your selection and perhaps remove some products from your shopping cart if necessary.

Below the order summary is a checkout button which you are meant to click on in order to go to the checkout page, where you finally checkout your order details and then submit it to the seller for confirmation. Before submission, you will be required to select your payment method, i.e. mobile money or cash on delivery. You will also have to select your delivery method, i.e. pick at store or seller delivery. Lastly, enter your delivery address (if needed), your phone number, and as an option a message to attach to your order. Then submit your order.

Step 4

Upon your order submission, you will receive a notification that your order has been successfully submitted. Once the seller receives and confirms your order upon the availability of all your ordered items in their store, you will receive another notification stating that your order has been successfully confirmed. This means that you can go and pick your order from the store or wait for the seller to deliver it to you as your selection may state. During this stage, further transaction activities may be guided by communication between you and the seller (if needed) in order to process delivery and payment.

After payment is done and you have also safely received your ordered goods, you will receive an online receipt from the seller. This will appear in your notifications. By opening the receipt (clicking on it), you will be required to confirm the safe delivery of your ordered goods as were requested by you. By clicking the confirm button, your transaction between you (buyer) and the seller will be marked as successfully closed. As a result, a copy of the receipt will be stored in your purchase history.

The process of putting your business on Odaah is quite simple. Once you have registered a user account with Odaah, the next step is to go to your home page. Next on the navigation bar below, checkout for the create page link and follow it. The landing page will show three links, which include, create; (1) products page, (2) service page, and (3) both products and service page. If you are registering a business for selling products, then follow the create products page link. This would mean that you are a products manufacturer, retailer, distributor, wholesaler or hawker. If you are doing a service business, the create service page link is what you should follow, and if you are doing a business offering both products and services, you should follow the create both products and services link.

Following any of the provided links will lead you to a page where you will be required to provide information about your business such as name, location, contacts, etc. by filling a form. You will also be required to upload photos for your business profile cover photo and logo, and photos of your products. During this step, you are highly recommended to use quality photos in order to make your page as attractive as necessary. This means that you should consider a quality camera for quality phone, tablet or any other device that can be used. When taking photos of your products, it is advisable for you to consider a quality background of a bright color that will allow your products to be visible and clear. A crystal clear white or creamy background would be good. Other background colors that you may think of may also be recommended, as long as they are bright enough to allow the product look good and stay visible enough.

The process for creating a page for your business can take between 10 to 30 minutes or more, so enough concentration may be required. If you are time bad, you can consider creating your page for less than eight minutes, by providing lesser information on the required details and edit your page later on during your best convenience. This also means that you may just add a few product photos in your store, and choose to add more later on when you get time.

By clicking the create page button, your business page will be created, however, ensure to upload your cover photo and logo first before you choose to click the create page button because skipping this step may not allow your page to be created. Once your page is created, you can go to pages on your top navigation bar, then go to the "my pages" link in order to see the link to your created page.

By following the link of your page, you will get to your page management dashboard, where you will be able to manage it, edit it, add or remove products, and interact with customers by responding to their order requests and messages. Then, if you want to see your page in public or visitors view, then just go to home, sellers, and check it out in the list. To avoid scrolling up and down in the process to identify your page name, you can use the search filter above, by entering the first few letters of your page name and check it out in the short list. Once identified, click on it to see your business page in public or visitors' mode.