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Are you a property seller, products seller, Trader, service provider, entrepreneur, producer, supplier or consumer? Join Uganda's finest products and services promotion network and shop goods online, promote your products store online, establish an online office for your service business, and directly interact with customers by carrying out trade activities on a one stop products and services online market place.

It had never been before in the world to have a social marketplace for global products and services. Odaah is the site which has made this possible as the first ever social online marketplace that exclusively merges online and physical commerce activities, with necessary requirements fulfilled. The site involves activities which support four categories of people, which include;


>Product producers/suppliers

>Service providers

>Farmers, and Consumers

So it is simple for any person to fall in any of the above categories. If you are one, then you only need to start by creating an account and enjoy the momentous experience and splendid benefits on the network. Odaah was mainly created to democratize ecommerce, and solve market related limitations for products and services across various sectors such as trade, agriculture, education, and other business oriented service sectors in a wide range, by bringing consumers closer to their desirable products and services.

Below you will find out how you can benefit from the network in the different facets, including as a consumer, trader or service provider, manufacturer or supplier, and as a farmer respectively.

As a consumer, by creating a free user account with Odaah, you create yourself a chance to connect to a network of shops and service providers around town and your closest business community. This simply means that you no longer have to move from shop to shop while looking for your desired products around town or your nearby business center. All you need to do is to login into your Odaah account and search for your desired product or service and further filter your search by your target physical area. Or, simply look out for lists of stores from within your target location or community and survey offers within their online stores until you land on the product or service of your best desire and exactly order it online before you roll out to the shop to access it, or perhaps ask the seller to deliver it to you through their provided seller delivery services. Joining Odaah simply means changing your lifestyle, by choosing to value convenience when it comes to shopping or seeking any product or service on market. All these services on Odaah are provided to you at a free cost, so you no longer have to empty your car fuel tank by moving to all corners around town looking for shops or service providers. Therefore, choose to have a security guaranteed online shopping experience from the comfort of your home or work place and conveniently checkout and compare products and services on market based on their information and other people’s recommendations or comments about them so that you do not cheat yourself anymore or waste valuable energy and time while moving from shop to shop and backwards around town when out for shopping.

For further information, click any of the links below to know how you can benefit from being part of Odaah.

As a trader or service provider, by putting your business on Odaah, you create yourself an opportunity to extend your business beyond its physical location, to target more potential customers who might want to buy from you, and as part of that make it easy for your existing customers to see your offers and buy from you from the convenience of their smart phones or computers. It is also important for you to understand that competition for market share has now taken a new conduit. By embracing the online selling model, you can target more customers and as well easily retain them by always supplying them with their desired products and services.

If you choose to leave your competition to establish online and enjoy the opportunity alone, you may wonder why you take long to see some of your customers, which simply may be because their smart phones make their work easy through Odaah when it comes to shopping. In order to keep up, what you need to do is to extend your business presence on their smart phones and use quality branding strategies to attract more customers and capitalize on the online market. It is also good for you to allow your business to fade away from the buy and go model of handling customers, by choosing to retain your customers and understand their desires through the perfect and convenient level of interaction and customer relationship management that is offered on Odaah. Lastly but not least, if you think that you are a bit disadvantaged by the hidden location of your business, then understand that Odaah is straight up here to help you reach out to more customers who may be interested in your offers, and pull many of these customers to come to your hidden store or office.

Lastly, when it comes to any serious business, growing in sales is a major goal and necessity since making money is always the essence at the end of every business activity. In this very aspect, Odaah has come out to be your value partner that will help you increase your business sales, by exposing your products or services to a pool of customers who can buy from you in a click, anytime and from anywhere. Many opportunities are provided on the network to allow your business to grow in sales, starting with the provision of well recorded feedback from customers, your business ability to interact with customers beyond working hours, to your ability to handle more customers at the same moment, or even during inconvenient moments such as when you are busy having lunch. Therefore, there are so many opportunities to benefit your business by establishing it on Odaah, yet little efforts are required for you to do so, since the network is also completely free.

As a manufacturer or supplier, Odaah creates a chance for you to seamlessly connect with an extensive network of retailers and wholesalers who might be interested in your products, and directly interact and communicate with them in order to conveniently take their supply orders, which would help speed your products’ time to market. Odaah will also help you grow and structure your supply network and also track the level of consumption for your products in specific areas and as well monitor changes in market demand there.

On top of that, you also have the opportunity to market your products to mass markets through online advertisements and promotions so as to grow your company’s sales, prestige, and brand awareness towards consumers. Also remember that, once you have enough confidence in your products, it’s always good to market them and capitalize on the existing available market for them. Therefore, when it comes to marketing, look no further than Odaah, a perfect platform that offers free effective marketing opportunities for your products, which allow prospective customers easily and quickly get in touch with you.

As a farmer, Odaah has come up as a great opportunity for you to showcase your produce (even before being harvested, to potential buyers or suppliers who have the ready market for them. Odaah will allow you to keep in touch with many of these potential buyers in order to speed up your products’ time to market, through effective communication and interaction on the platform. Effective marketing opportunities are also widely available for you on Odaah to help you stir up your potential to target more customers in a click so as to increase on your sales. So you should as well join Odaah today, create a strategic establishment for your business online and stand out from the competition.