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Lutian Engine 6.5Hp
UGX: 650000
Kama Diesel Generator
UGX: 4500000
Submersible Pump
UGX: 550000
Submersible Solar Pump
UGX: 850000
Submersible Water Pump
UGX: 550000
Petro Generator
UGX: 600000
Castle Blower
UGX: 750000
Extractor Fan
UGX: 1000000
Diesel Generator
UGX: 6000000
Hammer Drill
UGX: 250000
Rechargeable Drill 12v
UGX: 250000
Rechargeable Drill 18v
UGX: 450000
Power Sprayer Head
UGX: 550000
Submersible Solar pump 24v
UGX: 350000
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