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phone 0708049840

Kitoro and Abaita Ababiri Entebbe

Side board (Apple design) 6ftx4ft
UGX: 700000
Side board silver bind (2.5ft x 5.5ft)
UGX: 500000
Side board brown (2.5ft x 5.5ft)
UGX: 500000
Wordrop/closet (4ft x 6ft) black
UGX: 850000
TV stand (5.8ft x 2.8ft) grey
UGX: 450000
Four seator Dining table
UGX: 800000
Dressing mirrors (5.7ft x 2ft)
UGX: 250000 each
Side board (6.6ftx4ft)
UGX: 750000
Side board (6.6ftx4ft) black
UGX: 750000
Grey side board (5.11ftx2ft)
UGX: 450000
Center Table and 4 stools (2.11ftx6.10ft)
UGX: 350000

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