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Community of Abayita Ababiri Entebbe

Date:Tuesday - 09/Jan/2024 Time:19:01pm


Car for sale

This car is available for sale in Entebbe. It's condition is fine. Call me on 0777988968 for details.

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Date:Friday - 28/Jul/2023 Time:09:38am


Abantu bo'kubayita Ababiri you can as well post your ads here for free.

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Date:Wednesday - 12/Jul/2023 Time:12:52pm


The business platform

Omukutu gwa'bakozi gweguno. Bwoba Olina kyokola okugeza cakes, olunda enkoko, osiiga langi, olima greens, nebirala, wano woka wofunira akatale ak'obwerere.

Date:Sunday - 02/Jul/2023 Time:06:05am